Worktop Repair and Restoration

Worktop repairs undertaken by engineers, trained intensively over many years to deal with any form of kitchen surface repair. All members of the team pride themselves on our unmatched professional home service and are well-respected in our industry for our cleanliness and professional attention to quality of detailing that remains throughout all of our projects from start to finish.

Kitchen surfaces are the largest and possibly most important pieces of any kitchen; it is suitable in appearance and functionality. Kitchen counter-tops are a major part of the kitchen is the designing to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and meets all aspects for designers dream.

A counter top has a secondary part to play in the kitchen; it is functional, serves almost as a practical tool when food is prepared ready for you or your family to enjoy during meal times. The worktop is likely the most used part of a kitchen about how much surface traffic it receives every day and becomes worn and damage over a short period.


Damaged burnt worktop to be restoredBurnt laminate worktop Repaired

Repairable Worktop Damages

  • Burnt
  • Scratched
  • Holes
  • De-laminating or De-veneering
  • Cracks
  • Joint filling
  • Sun bleaching
  • Stains and discoloring
  • Chips and Dings
  • Water damage
  • Heat damage



Polished corian worktop

Repair and Restore technicians can carry out full surface polishing for areas that have become worn over time or make a simple Corian worktop repair to damaged areas of the surface to fully restore the surface.

Corian worktops are well-known for being used in kitchens and are increasingly becoming more popular in recent times. Well known for its seemingly endless lines, simplicity in its design. Corian and Formica are easy to cut and molded into any shape and great resistance to water and staining. It is also widely available in a variety of colours.
Engineers have successfully made chip, dent and burnt kitchen surface repairs to Corian and fully restored to original condition. Majority of the repairs that have been undertaken on Corian have been from tradesmen accidentally or carelessly miss cutting or damaging the items.


Repair and Restore offer a service to fully resurface hardwood worktops that have been poorly maintained or make a simple hardwood worktop repair to accidentally damaged areas.

Hardwood worktops offer that authentically natural look making the kitchen area more homely and a more comfortable environment in. Majority of hardwood surfaces engineered to avoid splits and cracks and improve the functionality and reliability of the surface. Hardwood worktops do need a lot of maintaining which is extremely important to keep on top off.

When compared to various other materials hardwood is labour intensive the owner but most damages can simple be sanded away leaving a fresh canvas ready for sealing.
The most obvious repairs we make to hardwood worktops are from water staining, people often fail to keep up with the continuous maintenance needed to sustain the beautiful finish of the worktop. Knife cuts and objects dragged across the surface leave deep scores and scratch marks which leave a trap for water to sit contaminating the timber. This dramatically increases deterioration over time as the water spreads beneath the protected surface condition, burns are a rarity as hardwood appears to withstand heat reasonably well. All engineers can carry out hardwood worktop repairs on site, restoring the surface to its former beauty.

Composite Stone

Composite worktop

Composite is a seamlessly beautiful material to have in your kitchen, its appearance is very natural and available in a range of designs and colours. Composite is very practical for a kitchen as it is hard-wearing and some can resist high degrees of heat, composite can also be factory conveniently formed to any shape or size desired.
Majority of composite repairs that our engineers have under taken are burn marks and scratches to the work surface; although heat-resistant they cannot withstand extremely hot frying pans usually leave a nasty blister behind as a signature. These worktops do chip relatively easily on the edges or corners, knife blades can also leave a nasty scar on the face if a chopping board is not used.

Granite, Marble Natural Stone

granite and marble stone worktop

Granite worktops are often conceived as luxury item when compared to various other materials but the price is variably cheaper than other optional choice worktops. Granite can make an attractive center piece in most kitchens, paired together with a variety of styled kitchens. This can leave some feeling considerably colder.
Although Granite is the hardest of all the naturally sourced surfaces are susceptible to stains when protective seal wears or weathers away. Most granite and marble stones need sealing 10 years from installation, most customers are not informed of this when purchasing a new kitchen.

Large amounts of kitchen worktop repairs include engineers sealing, polishing of light scratches and surface chips. Worktop Repairs become awkward to restore 100 %, due to the stones natural dense formation it is resistant to adhering fillers. Only a select few are used to make sure a long-term quality worktop repair.


Laminate worktop

Laminate worktop repairs are one of the most common repairs made by the repair and restore team.

Laminate worktops are most likely the cheapest option available on the market. Well-known for availability of an infinite amount of designs and styles to match any modern or traditional aspect of all kitchens. A laminate worktop is the simplest worktop to work with and is a builder or Dryer’s desired choice when it comes to installation. Laminate is moderately resistant to chemicals or staining from spills and requires the least amount of maintenance.
Laminate worktop repairs are the most consistently repaired item in the kitchen and make up the bulk of our kitchen worktop repairs. Surfaces of laminate are susceptible to a noticeable amount of superficial damage from blades and shallow scratches. Damage often appears white or dark brown due to the pigment being removed from the top layer exposing the deeper layers, this requires light filling and detailing to restore the items finish. Laminates are easily chipped and brittle; they are easily damaged from a high impact force. The material underneath the laminate is almost spongy when compared to other worktops materials, as a result we repair a vast amount of gouges. Laminates do not cope well with heat or steam. Technicians repair a large amount of burn marks and separating joints where water or steam has been able to work its way underneath the surface. Once this happens the water deteriorates the adhesive, over time the unit starts to deconstruct the edging and swells.


Glass can give your kitchen a very modern and light appearance, glass is a great reflector of light and is backed with a variety of styles including a mirrored effect, this can make the kitchen area seem larger.
We rarely see glass surfaces, the only repairs we can carry out to these items are polishing out scratches and stains, they are best used as splash backs.The majority of situations it is best to replace the item with something more durable scratched less easily; all glass is toughened ensuring no repairs are made.

Stainless Steel

Also known as the ‘chefs’ worktop’, it is ideal for a working kitchen but would look out-of-place in most homes where it could likely deliver a surgical feeling to the room. Stainless steel is an ideal material as it is hard-wearing, antibacterial, can resist great degrees of heat, reflects light and is resistant to both stains and chemicals.
Only a very few stainless steel repairs made in the past by our engineers, most of the repairs made to stainless steel are surface scratches, dings and dents are removed but with only a certain degree of improvement.