Veneer flooring constructed from engineered timber is an ideal material for a repair, engineered flooring means thin layers of timber layered with the grain running 90 degrees opposed to each other and the layers adhered together, this makes veneer flooring a much stronger construction standard solid wood flooring and in most cases veneer flooring is worth repairing due to the cost involved in replacing the entire floor and the loss of a room for an entire day.

Veneer floor sheets are usually expected to last anything from 20 to 80 years dependent on quality of materials used during construction. Over the life of a typical veneer floor the protective layer can become worn and scratches can become more obvious leaving your room looking tired and dull, a generally undesirable look in your home.

Repair and Restore also make a range of other type of repairs to flooring which include laminates, timber and tiles.

Veneer floor scratched next to carpet gripper needed restorationVeneer floor fully restored scratch and completely repaired


Repair and Restore offer Veneer Floor Repair services which could save you a substantial amount of money on your flooring, When repairing a damage veneer floor technicians can:

Re-coat dull looking floors, which happens over time usually in high foot traffic areas where the protective coating becomes worn.

Repair scratches, dents and gauges often seen from moving furniture around, dropping objects or pets and foot traffic.

Remove stains or marks left by house hold cleaners.

Repair holes and indentations left by removing door stop carpet grips and trims.

Repair and Restore technicians can remove tough stains left by water damage, coffee and tea stains or house hold pet accidents that are common occurrences in everyday life and have set deep within the layers of veneer. Our technicians use powerful industrial stain removers to draw the staining out of the timber and carefully add layers of colour over the treated area to match the original and make the Veneer Floor Repair invisible.

Worn areas of veneer flooring that have become rough, dull or grey in appearance can simply be cleaned and lacquered with a strong, hard-wearing 2 k lacquer. Typically when making this sort of Veneer Floor Repair it is usually on a large-scale, if necessary dust sheets are used and the area sealed in preparation to have the entire floor sanded and lacquered. At this Stage we have often been asked to apply a coating of stain before lacquer because our clients have decided to change colour schemes and are looking for a fresh new appearance to their house.

A Veneer Floor Repair to chips, dents, split timber, loose knots are often all repaired in the same way. Firstly the area needs filling in with a strong semi-flexible filler and profiled flat to the existing timber, layers of colour matched coatings is applied which blends the repair in, this is also known professionally as graining a Veneer Floor Repair. A Veneer Floor Repair to deep Scratches is also done in the same way, but some shallower scratches are simply sanded out.