Hand Basin Repairs in Guildford

Sink repairs made by all Repair and Restore engineers, many cracked and chipped Hand basins are fully restored to factory condition by our company. All members are fully equipped and offer an exceptional service when colour matching damaged sinks and creating an invisible repair.
A piece of furniture incorporated into the overall design of your bathroom; people may struggle when finding a sink that meets all the functional purposes needed, whilst maintaining the design aspect that highly persuade by. Sinks made from various materials often come in a range of designs, each with its own feature. A sink has many purposes and must function as an item for washing cookery items and kitchen ware, it serves us as a hygienic aid when washed and shaved in daily and may also house various furnishings and cleaning items.


Crack to Hand Basin Bathroom SinkCracked bathroom sink repaired


Stone sink Repair

Stone is commonly available in either composite or natural, composite stone, formed under high pressure is none porous, resists heat, chipping and surface damage such as scratching. Natural stones are semi porous and need sealing to protect the surface, this in turn provides a resilience to various worktop stains and surface damage. Composite stones can leave white scratches behind over time from razor blades and metal plugs. This is where the natural stone has an advantage; its protective layer resists most minor scratches and leaves no marks. Natural stone sink repairs are easy to carry out to chips especially on corners; rounded edges are much sell likely to have this problem.

Repair  to Enamel Ceramic Sink

Ceramic sinks, often traditionally white are one of the most commonly constructed sink material. Ceramics have a tough, glossy, scratch resistant outer surface that resists stains and is easily cleaned. The glossy coating that resist daily abuse can become worn resulting in the surface becoming rough and matted resulting in discoloring. All damages can be repaired with ceramic sink repairs.

Stainless Steel Sink Repair

Stainless steel sink are mainly used in kitchen and for commercial or industrial purposes, they offer great hygiene, resistance do stains. Stainless steel is not the most practical item to have in a home has it scratches and dents very easily, polishing scratches out, teasing dents away making the damaged area flatter.

Plastic Acrylic Sink Repair

Plastic acrylic sink is not a greatly used material for bathroom sinks, more often these are used in caravans and passenger ships then domestic homes. The only real advantage to it is that it’s cheap and flexible. Plastic can become brittle over time, is easily stained, scratches easily and does not handle well to pin pointed pressure. All plastic sink repairs undertaken with relative ease and a vast amount of repair can be undertaken in very little time.

Fiberglass Sink Repair

Fiberglass sinks are a relatively common bath material that is less used less often in bathroom sinks. Fiberglass moldings are very basis and hold little detail in shape and form; although very flexible it does not fare well against pointed objects that would puncture the surface with little effort. Fiberglass gel coated to protect the user from the sharp fibers and protect the form deteriorating. We have resurfaced many stained fiberglass sinks, and successfully repairs puncture holes and large gouges.

Common Designs

Pedestal Sink Repair

This age old favorite, is simple in design, massively available in various shapes and colours. Often used in small bathrooms or en-suites where space is limited and storage is not important. Pedestal sinks often appear in an antique style and can flatter a bathroom design with its detailed edges; the smooth up stand tidies the area and conceals pipes behind it.
The majority of repairs on pedestal sinks are from constant use, the unit becomes loose over time or if poorly fitted and the stand can chip away both items as they grind together fitting a rubber pad cut to shape can reduce this. It is a good practice to ensure the pedestal is securely fitted; floor boards should be fixed to reduce any movement when approaching the area. Pedestals have been damaged when falling from height from not being fixed properly.

Wall Mounted Sink Repair

Wall mounted units are commonly found in w/c, toilet rooms, growing quickly in popularity, a functional designed item with a minimalist streamline effect. Recent development of plumbing technology these sinks can be plumbed-in without pipe work showing. Optionally Chrome plated fittings incorporate a more modern look.
Wall mounted sinks are often damaged around edges in w/c from people brushing pass when visiting. Fixtures are relatively square and chip very easily, wall mounted units often come loose from walls partly because the lack of support and fixing area.

Under Counter Sink Repair

An ideal place for this item would be in the kitchen and is popular with stone and Corian worktops. This can make an area simply look smooth and minimal as it is hidden within the surface creating a hygienically friendly area that is easy to clean.
It is a rarity that we see any damage from these basins, the most common problem is the seal between the top surface and the sink itself, over time they can wriggle loose, ceramic surfaces can get heat shock when used with a boiling hot tap which can crack a unit in half.

Vessel Sink Repair

Are extremely unique item when compared to various other styles and unusual to see, some what of a recently popular fixture that has become trendy. These sinks can be made from practically anything and I have seen for myself Diyers drill sawing holes in clear plastic bowls to fabricate a vase sink, these can be ideal in freeing up some storage but must be mounted to a counter top or stand for support.
As these items are fairly new to most tradesmen we have made many repairs to vanity units these sinks are fixed to. Holes that have been drilled in the wrong location, scratches from adjust the bowl and people using screws that are to long for the surface that they are fixing the item to. Due to its delicate concave design bowl, water tends to sit in a trap between the base and the vanity unit, splash backs can also become a problem. The vessel bowl is very weak in design and is prone to being damaged with relative ease; all items can be restored to a fully functioning finish with the exception of glass.

Countertop Sink Repair

A Countertop sink simply drop in to a surface and fit for most bathroom designs, they are fixed beneath and are one of the easiest to install. Countertop sinks are ideal for busy areas that have a lot of traffic and are constantly used due to their rigid design.
Damages are commonly seen on the edges of the sink where the over hung lip joins with the surface, damages are common when fitting these types of hand basins from installers lose their grip resulting in chips and cracks along the bottom, over tightening fixtures can cause problems

Semi countertop Sink Renovation

Semi Countertop sink can utilize space reasonable well and is a wise choice to make for bathrooms that are compact and fall short for space, fast becoming popular for its less than average look and the reliable sturdiness in its design this is a great choice to make.
Many of the repairs made to semi countertops are to the unit below the item, the smooth rounded, rigidly designed sink that does not chip easily only repairs that really seam apparent are from builders and plumbers carelessly chipping sinks with colliding tools.

Integrated countertop Sink Restoration

Intergrated sink is a very useful and simple concept that can make any kitchen or bathroom look futuristic, the design has a work surface basin one piece and is available with integrated drainer making it a very practical design for the kitchen.

Often formed from Corian or stone these items fair extremely well to abuse, staining can occur and granite can crack over long distances if not properly supported, most worktops repairs have only needed to be polished back to factory finish. Fiberglass versions should be avoided as the damages have been notably serious and in some cases to severe to make a cost effective repair.