Shower Tray Repair, Shower Pan Restoration Service

Majority of damaged shower trays are repaired in little time and with relative ease. Restoring the surface of a damaged shower tray can save a vast amount of time and money in comparison to a replacement. This becomes clear when factoring in the cost of not only a new pan but also the cost of the labour involved in the replacement process.

We also carry out shower tray repairs to.

  • Caravan shower tray repairs
  • Motor home shower tray repairs
  • Leisure center
  • Domestic home

Shower tray damage we repair

Common damages repaired on site include chips, scratches and cracks which are often created by loose falling debris, such as tiles, building materials and hand tools. Damaged shower surfaces are often an after effect of tradesmen carrying out works in the surrounding area and carelessly leaving  areas unprotected, rushing to finish the job.

Other shower tray repairs also include full shower tray resurfacing, this is common on both plastic gel coated fiberglass, enamel, porcelain and stone shower trays. Full restoration of a shower tray surface can also be carried out to damage created by harsh chemicals used in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Harsh chemical cleaners are a major hazard which, when misused accidentally by the user create chemical burns, melting of the surface and bleaching.

Avoid cleaners that contain chemicals such as citrus or bleach, along with abrasive sponges and cleaners such as Cif.

damaged shower tray repairShower tray restored

The shower restoration process

Useful tips before starting

In most instance's resurfacing an item consists of the same list of priorities.

  • Use good quality products.
  • Use the correct products.
  • Ensure products are compatible.
  • Ensure surface is clean and keyed for good adhesion.

Whether you are using a home DIY bath resurfacing kit or like us, using professional behind the counter products the same rules apply. The only difference is that better results are achieved with a professional service that will last longer and look better than a Do It Yourself kit.

How we do it

  1. Remove damaged sections ready for a repair, A drill is great.
  2. Fill the Void in the shower tray.
  3. Profile the filled area to the correct shape.
  4. Etch the area if required.
  5. Prime
  6. Resurface with the correct specialist coating (tinting the coating to the correct colour).
  7. Leave for the proper amount of time to dry.
  8. Enjoy your shower tray for many years to come, as simple as that.