London Ceramic Tile Repair

London Ceramic tile repair and restoration

Ceramic Tile Repair in London made earlier this week as well as other items while on site, the chip to the damaged tile took around 15 minutes to repair from start to finish. The Ceramic Tile Repair involved cleaning and removing the old grout from the chip on the tile to ensure good adhesion for the the filler and then colour matched coating. With any Flooring and Tile Repair, cleaning of the area is essential to surface repairs because the coating and filler needs good, clean mating surface's to provide years of use, poorly cleaned surfaces that have a Ceramic Tile Repair coating applied to, do not last very long at all.

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The chipped Ceramic Tile, although not very large was obvious and easily noticeable and was picked up while a new property development was being handed over to the client. The damaged ceramic tile had not been grouted properly either and in the managers wisdom he made a panic decision and had the tiler re-grout the area minutes before our Repair Specialist had time to make the repair making the chip a little more harder to work with.

A Ceramic Tile Repair is very cost effective as it could have taken a great deal more time spent in trying to remove the damaged tile and adhesive/grout without disturbing the surrounding tiles. If you were to replace a damaged tile you would not only need to remove the old tile, grouting and setting the new tile into the void on the wall. Setting the new tile into the void can be complicated itself because it can be tricky to set the new tile in place and flush to the rest of the surrounding tiles. Another factor that was a concern for the site manager was his panic to get the building signed over that day and the client was not happy accepting the building where the tiling adhesive had not set thoroughly as the adhesive can take some time to dry, making a Ceramic Tile Repair.

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