• Laminate Worktop Scratch Repair

  • Laminate worktop scratch repaired

Laminate Worktop Scratch Repair

Laminate Scratch Repair Overview

A few months ago damage restorers achieved this Laminate scratch Repair. The team members completely restored the scratched dark and light grey granite effect worktop to its original condition. The laminate scratch had been colour matched perfectly and detailed exactly as the rest of the surface. The scratch was rather deep and could be clearly seen as it had worn through the top layer of pigment, the area needed to be filled to avoid the damaged area from being visibly noticeable in the light. If the deep scratch had not been filled the damage area would have been felt when the surface was brushed or wiped over during cleaning and would have collected dirt and debris over time making the damaged area easily seen.

Worktop Repairs

Laminate Worktop Repairs


How Was it Scratched?

The worktop had been scratched by the building companies contracted cleaning team. This was done during the scheduled builders clean. Part of the cleaning process was to remove a protective sticky back sheet that was laid down by the contractor. This was to prevent tradesmen from damaging the area. When the cleaners  were removing the sticky back plastic from the face of the kitchen surface they found horrifying. The the hob had been installed after the sheeting and it was sandwiched between the hob and counter top. Rather then asking the site agent to have an electrical installer remove the hob they decided to cut around the area of the cooker and created the damage with a Stanley blade.

Why Was The Scratch a Priority

The damaged item was in need of repair because the site was handing over a number of newly constructed buildings in just a weeks time after the day of our arrival. The building contractors had signed a contract with the client that had a delay clause drafted into the paper work and would have meant that delays would have cost the company a great deal of money. This meat that a scratch repair was imperative and had to be done before the completion date was due on all the properties, in the larger scale of things renovating the damage was very cost effective for the company for a number of reasons.

How Did The Scratch Repair Save Money

The Client had a completion delay clause that was drafted in by the client, this meant that the contractor would have lost large amounts of money for each property that had not been finished and passed off by the clients clerk of works. The cost of removing the worktop would have been far greater than the cost of a repair, to replace the damaged worktop the work would have involved the removal of;

  1. mastic around the edging of the entire top, tiling and extractor hood.
  2. the glass splash back at rear of cooker hob.
  3. access panel on cooker extractor hood to gain access to the cooker splash back.
  4. cooker hob.
  5. scratched worktop.
  6. items and finish in reverse.


In carrying this method out the amount of damage to the area would have been excessive and other damages could have been made in the process, possibly damages and repairs that were avoided when choosing to have laminate worktop scratch repaired were.

  1. Damage to Tiling.
  2. Damaging other joining surfaces, possibly cracking or chipping them rendering them useless.
  3. Damage to the cooker hob and cooker extractor hood.
  4. Knife marks when removing jointing mastic.
  5. Splash back could have been damaged during removal.
  6. Large amounts of decorating to the surrounding area.

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