Laminate floor repair, whether the item in question is scratched, chipped, dented, or discoloured our laminate restoration company have a cost effective, greener solution to your problem. Our skilled members are able to repair all types of damages to your flooring because of the extensive training each individual receives when joining our company and the ongoing training and evaluation every member receives. Our team of specialists are able to restore most damaged items that most people would consider irreparable. All damages are blended in to ensure the damage is invisible, giving amazing results and leaving most people very surprised by the end of the job.

Are DIY Laminate Repair Kits Any Good?


In most circumstances the majority of people would disregard damaged items and would usually attempt to either replace the damaged item or attempt an unprofessional repair kit.

The cutting technique involves removing the damaged plank and replacing it, this option can be very awkward when cutting out the old plank and in the process possibly causing more damage. It is usually not a very good idea to approach this route because when cutting away the tongue and groove you are effectively removing the part of the plank that holds the flooring together which creates a weak spot in the future, even if it has been adhered. The cutting out technique is also very dangerous not only is there a risk of causing damage to the rest of the flooring area but also to the person who is removing the laminate floor board can cause serious injury to themselves and other people around them.

Another option people consider is attempting to repair the damaged area with a laminate floor repair kit, these kits usually contain wax or a resin, we have found these kits to give very unprofessional finishes both in the short term and long term and not suitable for long term Repairs. Unable to blend the existing area of the timber, in affect these repair kits make the area very patchy to the eye, also there is another issue with the these DIY kits, they do not adhere as well as our own fillers that we have been using for years.