kitchen unit repairs can be undertaken to majority of damaged items which can be repaired to original factory finish, kitchen carcase repairs are often applied to damaged carcases, laminate, wood, natural composite stone, acrylic heat wrapped, burns, water damage and De-laminating are common. Burns, water damage, general wear and tear and overall deconstruction of the structure from everyday use can create peeling of the carcase surface. All Damages can be repaired onsite at an agreed time when it is convenient for you, majority of repairs take as little as an hour to complete leaving you with the rest of your day to freely do as you please.

Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen as they scale the majority of the outer area, in some circumstances it is not possible to hide all of the unit behind the cabinet doors. Considerations must be thought through when choosing what material, colour and finish would be appropriate for your area as the entire room must mold together as an art piece and remain as a usable, reliable part. Consider traffic, in areas that are susceptible to high traffic from pets, children and general bodies moving around the area (possibly creating damage), it may be a better idea to choose a harder wearing surface. If you prefer low maintenance and clean friendly then it is much more advisable not to choose anything constructed from timber or stone. the most important deciding factor in making a decision when choosing kitchen units is usually the amount of money that is involved in creating a beautiful kitchen, in most cases people opt for a type of laminate or foil which do not last long and look dull and drab shortly after installing.




can be an expensive option that more traditional styled home owners seek, it has a warm feeling at any temperature and easy on the eyes with its natural wood grain colours. The natural tones and distinctive graining of timber ensures that there is never to parts of timber that are the same and also makes for a interesting, detailed design. Timber can be painted stained or varnished depending on the desired tastes and requirements the user need to fulfill. Timber remains strong when wet and does not loose great amounts of structural integrity when wet but is stained easily, the longer this is left the greater then damage is in the end.


Cream painted softwood kitchen units that can be easily repaired

If the carcase and kitchen unit doors are to be painted pine is most likely the best choice as the graining will not be seen and it is pointless wasting money, pine is one of the cheapest timbers and is easy to work with making labour cheaper and wear and tear on tools easier. Paint takes much easier to softwoods because the timber is less dense, there is usually less chance of paint peeling or flaking off. Ensure that all knots are sufficiently protecting with a good quality knotting solution to prevent areas leaking or ghosting through the paint, pine is mostly used to create a shabby sheek look in a kitchen. Softwoods are not necessarily a good choice, we commonly make kitchen unit repairs to pine which has a tendency to split over time and is prone to bruising or denting and eventually loosing the coating over time.


Dark Brown Hardwwod Kitchen unit One of many that can be repaired

Hardwood is a better choice of material if the kitchen area is to be given a more traditional feeling, the best practice of protection of hardwoods is to use a clear protective layer of either varnish or stain to retain the grained characteristics of the timber. It is essential to key the surface of hardwoods before applying any protective coatings with a medium grade abrasive to ensure that the coating bonds with the timber and remains reliably adhered to the surface. many repairs made to kitchen units constructed from hardwood is from water damage or splintering. Often manufacturers fail to smooth the corner edges of the carcase, when knocked this causes the wood to splinter which can obviously be dangerous, it is important to maintain the protective finish on hardwoods, water damage can discolor deeply within the grain making it hard to remove even when sanded.


Black Engineered timber veneer kitchen units in black after repair

These kitchen units are most often veneered to keep the appearance of natural wood and offer more in terms of strength. engineered timber is a man made wood which is less likely to split and twist then solid timber because multiple layers of wood are adhered together. The cross grain design that the timber is laid in ensures that the same weight of engineered timber is stronger then a standard natural piece of timber.

The attractive layer of veneered timber can create a weaker surface then solid timber, this becomes apparent over time when the object is repeatedly damage, the engineered timber starts to deconstruct as the adhesive begins to break down. Engineered timber needs to constantly maintained to help prevent damage from moisture and water, it is imperative that any damage should be sealed from atmosphere as soon the damage becomes apparent.


An old kitchen worktop that is in need of renavating and restoring

Laminate Kitchen units are relatively common in today's kitchens, they are cost effective and can last a reasonable amount of time if looked after. With today's technology laminate is becoming increasingly more life like, more recently manufacturers have been able to reconstruct the life like wood grain inherent to wood as well as the coloring.

Laminate covers a variety of different types of man made timbers, the main weakness in laminate is along the edges where the laminate joins, over time these areas get damaged and begin to peel away and effect the structural board under neath. The man made timbers that at as the structural board of the laminate kitchen unit are susceptible to water and are broken down by water in a little amount of time. are great deal of kitchen unit repairs or due to de-laminate cabinets.


STONE is a less common kitchen unit material but it has been seen on occasions, this product is great for larders and cool storage areas and looks extremely attractive also. Stone is reasonable strong, most are resistant to water and have no problem getting wet ever day, composite stone does tend to be better and has less chance of natural stress cracks and splitting.

Stone chips reasonable easy regardless whether it is composite or natural, natural requires protecting and should have a protective coat reapplied every 10 years. We have carried out multiple repairs to natural stone including reapplying protective coating and polishing, majority of repairs are to shipped stone slabs and removing stains from strong cleaning chemicals.


Modern small kitchen that has white high gloss kitchen unit fronts

Kitchen units are fast becoming popular, well known for its durability it can withstand a great deal of abuse from kids and pets. It is a superb material to clean and only really requires a wipe with a damp cloth, gloss can be a pain to keep clean and marks can be easilly seen. it available in a range of simple colours and designs.

Acrylic heat wrapped kitchen units can discolor over time often turning yellow or loosing the pigment intensity which often requires polishing back to life. The majority of the kitchen unit repairs we make to heat wrapped units is from general wear and tear, heat wrapped units can be scratched with relative ease and are easily warped by heat. Once the coating has began to come away the structural board underneath is easily damaged and must be discarded and replaced if left long enough.


Is a sticky back foil type product that is essentially a tough flexible plastic similar to thermofoil it merely only adhered on with the adhesive on the back of the foil. It is available in multiple thicknesses and designs and is one of the cheapest surfaces to purchase a kitchen unit in, looks and feels like thermal wrap or laminate but is a little spongier.

A great deal of repairs have been dome to this surface product, it can be a paint to repair and can take some considerable time to get repairs to a good standard. Main damages come from digs in foil from sharp objects which progressively get worse over time. This is usually most prominent in kitchen drawers where cutlery catches the surface, another problem is that this product is scratched very easily and does not bare well to surface friction stress, commonly bottoms of cabinets are left with little or no print after a short amount of time.


Can be a great material to use for a kitchen cabinet, mostly used for open display cabinets or within cabinet doors, glass is also used for end cabinets to add something unique to the kitchen. Glass is relatively easy to clean and resists both water and stains, it is reasonable hard wearing and will take abuse from smooth objects on a day to day basis.


This is one of the best materials to use regardless of its cost it would save you money in the long run. Stainless steel is one of the stronger materials and great for day to day use, commonly used in professional kitchens around the world for its hygienic values, and its reliable toughness to be able to cope with constant daily abuse.

Avoid electroplated stainless steel, it is essentially a cheap copy of stainless steel, it is usually standard steel that is electroplated to provide some resistance to water but when the coating is breached rust begins to take over pretty quickly.