Damaged Hardwood Worktop?

Repairing hardwood worktops is only one of the many items restored  by us ensuring that you save money. Repair and Restore supply an amazing service as well as providing collection of 'How to repair' tips. Hardwood worktop repair is one of Repair and Restores most popular repairs that carried out to following surface materials. Beech, Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood. Hardwood worktop repairs are tricky sometimes and time-consuming dependent on how detailed the specific piece of timber is in the damaged area. Hardwood has simply been a favored choice of worktop material for generations. It will likely never lose its popularity due to its great characteristics and it is definitely worth a repairing hardwood worktop.

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Common Hardwood damages:

  • Surface protection is not used when handling knives and sharp objects.
  • Water damage worktop, water has a way of finding a path to destruction very easily, avoid by cleaning worktop spills ASAP.
  • Heat damage and fire damage worktops are very common repair, from people carelessly leaving appliances on or not using heat mats when using hot cooker ware.
  • General wear and tear from normal surface traffic when being used daily
  • Incorrect protective coating, on occasions manufacturers or DIY 'ers have used poor quality coatings or have not applied it in a correctly. They also fail to apply enough product to offer any protection or used an incorrect product for the job.
  • Hardwood stains, typically hardwood is susceptible to damage from staining and many of hardwood worktops suffer from this issue. It is more clear when a surface has not been protected or becomes worn over time form cuts and general surface abuse. Common stains are, Tea, Water, Cleaning Products, wine, and foods such as curries.

A grill burned this hardwood worktop which blister the surfaceBurnt worktop was repaired resulting in a surface that was as good as new

We also treat timber worktops and carry out worktop sanding and striping and worktop oiling to worn and tired looking surfaces.

Why Hardwood is So Popular?

Hardwood is a popular material for hardwood worktops for a number of reasons. Hardwood is a great product that is durable which is often adapted to fit a number of styles and designs. Different species of timber, stains, we manipulate coatings to acquire the correct finish that required for the kitchen owners specific taste in design. Hardwood worktops gain character over time and can deepen the colors and make gaining more prominent, this is a unique characteristic that many people aspire to recreate over time in their new kitchen. Often this aged or antiqued appearance is mimicked with certain finishes but is no match for a naturally aged piece of timber. Hardwood Worktops can make a home feel more HOMELY, there really is no other material of worktop that can create this effect. Hardwood is warmer to the touch but it can make an area feel warmer, and give a room a more relaxed feeling perfect for a country house or family home.

Why Choose to Repair A Hardwood Worktop


There are multiple reasons why you should choose to have damage done to a hardwood worktop repaired.

  • Its less of an inconvenience then replacing.
  • Repairs only take a short amount of time to complete.
  • Restoring a hardwood surface saves money on labor and material cost.
  • It is not possible to remove the worktop.
  • Damage to the surrounding area is a possibility when removing the earlier worktop.
  • A new worktop may look out-of-place in your kitchen.
  • The Hardwood worktop may not match other aged items in the kitchen.

Common Hardwood Worktops And Designs