Fiberglass bath repair

Fiberglass bath repair carried out by an experienced member of our restoration team, will often provide a substantial saving when compared to having a new tub installed.

A damaged fiberglass bath is a real hindrance, creating a rather large problem for daily chores, this makes a usually relaxing area of the household a real headache.

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It is possible to repair damage in the forms of, staining, chips or bleaching. all are recoverable. Smashed fiberglass is repaired using a patch kit and the area re-surfaced to match the original colour. Fiberglass worn through the gel coating is simply resurfaced saving you money in the process.

Common damages we repair

Due to the fiberglass forming process there are some common issues which we remedy with a simple fiberglass bath repair. Whilst other problems are from day-to-day use of the unit in question.

  • Chips and dents, often from falling items such as a razor's or glass perfume bottles.
  • Discoloring, although this is naturally occurring there are some things that can discolor a fiber glass bath such as bleaches or drain cleaners, all are repairable.
  • Cracking, often around the plug holes and handles of a fiberglass bath, this is a frequent type of damage to which fiberglass is prone to.
  • Chemical burns or melting, even mild chemicals can create the gel coating and resin to react check before using bathroom sprays or drain cleaners to make sure products are safe to use.
  • Heat burns, all to often a carpet fitter or plumber has been a little careless and got a little to close to the bath and ended up burning something.

Fiberglass' baths weakness

  • High impact forces from small points.
  • Fiberglass is not a good material for adhering to.
  • The resin in fiberglass accelerates the discoloring in the top coat.
  • Defects within the resin glass fiber bond.
  • Fiberglass strength is within in the small fibers and resin bond, making small areas of damage larger.
  • Gel coating is weak to chemicals including bleach and citric acids (both used in bathroom cleaners).

Flaws that are commonly associated with fiberglass include cavities or craters, these are areas below the surface of the tub created during the process of manufacturing. Over time these weak areas imbedded deep within construction of the body eventually give way and create an opening which is sharp to the touch creating a slight health issue.

How we repair a fiberglass bath

When making a bath patch repair we actually repair the surface with the same material. Often when a damaged bath is re-finished the area is stronger than the original. We bring your bath back to its original condition and looking as good as new within in a couple of hours.

This is what we do:

  • Remove all the loose debris from the area,
  • Fill with fiberglass Filler.
  • Set stainless steel gauze into the patch area.
  • Skim with fiberglass filler.
  • Sand back the area.
  • Prime
  • Top coat.

...... It really is as simple as that, providing all the proper products were used the bath will continue it service within the home for years to come.