Enamel bath repair is a cost effect Eco-friendly option to replacing a furnishings whether your tub is stained, chipped, cracked or dented. Repair and Restore offer an Eco-friendly cost effect option to replace sanitary ware in your home and on site.

Repair and Restores team of enamel bath repair specialists use a system of coatings that are specifically designed for application to sanitary ware, these specialist coatings have been thoroughly tested over many years to ensure that all the repairs we make are hard wearing and tough providing you a quality and satisfying finish, lasting for years. Steel tubs usually do not suffer from the same sort of severe initial damage we see in fiberglass or a plastic due to the strength in the metal structure and the rigid top coating, although enamel does chip and dent very easily from falling objects such as a tile.

Our enamel bath repair coatings are color matched on site so we can get the exact match to your existing enamel colour coating when we make our enamel tub repair. When the enamel has been damaged and removed from the surface of the bath there is a high possibility of the damage becoming worse over time as the house hold cleaning products, water and air corrodes the metal below the enamel coating. Over time the damage will get larger resulting with a hole in the bath and you will have to pay for the installation of a new bath. Your bathroom may need  to be re-tiled and you may even need to repair a water damaged ceiling and floor. Our team of damage repair specialist can save the head ache of a lengthy bath replacement that could potentially do more damage to your home and we are also much cheaper then a replacement.