• Door damaged by builders, scratched and scuffed

  • Door repair team fully restored the surface.

Repairing all types of damaged doors

Damaged doors are a frequent item repaired by us, which include plastic, metal, timber, internal and external door repairs. Our services have become more popular in recently years for people seeking to have their timber doors restored or their Plastic door repaired from accidental damage or burglar damage during a break in.

Door repairs increase in popularity mainly due to the dramatic increase in prices for resources and materials in recent years especially hardwood. Our services give customers the option to save large sums of many when comparing our repair service to a replacement. For great examples of what we can do to timber door repairs look here

Our skilled technicians are able to carry out door repairs to the surface creating an invisible repair to chips, dents and splits created during daily use of entrances and fire doors. Great examples of

Commonly our services are used within the construction and commercial sector but we often carry out work on residential homes.

Doors cost can vary largely depending on the material they are constructed from

Damaged doors are a frequent issue for many buisiness and home owners due to the high velocity of traffic passing through the area.

Doors are are in a prime location to be damaged from suit cases and luggage as people come and go in hotels and

Commen door repairs include dents scratches and spilts


Door repairs are a frequent item repaired within construction sites that we undertake often. Chips and dent damage happen during the construction process of building of homes and where tradesmen frequently pass through entrances of the properties creating havoc as the ding surfaces with tools and materials.

Similar damage can occur to domestic and commercial buildings after the builders have moved. Frequent traffic in commercial buildings such as shops and office blocks can create a great amount of damage from people inexplicably damaging doors and the surrounding structures.

Kids and pets can damage doors easily from clawing away when left outside to use the toilet and kids often bash toys into doors using them as a crash guard. Door repairs from pet damage are most often one of the worst which often surprises people when they discover the damage area. Pet damage to a steel door or aluminum door can often be simply be filled and sprayed back to original condition.


Plastic door repairs often involve simply polishing of the damage, timber doors are often the worst affect by damage requiring a great amount of time to rectify the damage.

Doors can be constructed from many materials which can be repaired, have different finishes furnishings and colors. At Repair and Restore we can replicate any finish and furnishings, restore damaged items to recondition finish . All this can be done for a fraction of the price it would cost to replace the entire unit.

No matter what material your doors are manufactured from, PVC plastics, timbers or metals we can repair all surfaces and frame works in situ, whether the damage is: scratched, dents, discoloring, melted/ burnt, holes, scuffs, dents or large sections missing, they can all be repaired by our skilled team of specialists on site and the majority the works take very little time to repair.