Cracked plastic shower tray resurfacing in London

Resurfacing Cracked London Shower Tray


This cracked plastic shower tray resurfacing in London was no easy fix, Repair and Restore also carry out a range of shower tray repairs which save our landlords and lodgers time and money. Prior to surface restoration it was a temporarily fixed by the customer with gaff tape, mastic and glue to prolong the life. The customer had previously inquired with a number of plumbing services and did not fancy investing money that quoted for a replacement. Alternatively the customer decided to attempt to make a DIY repair. Telling me he used 'pretty much anything he could find in the shed'. The customers wife finally gave in when a leak appeared in the room below, making a mess of the kitchen and appliances. The ceiling obviously required removing and reinstalling after the shower tray resurfacing process was complete.

London cracked plastic shower tray resurfaced

Removing Tape Residue

This DIY job looked worse for wear in the before picture. The gaff tape residue had eaten into the surface and damaged the acrylic coating extending the damage further then a job carried out correctly.

Removing Tape residue requires solvent as this is the easiest way to remove it, take care when using solvents eat in to the plastic. Sanding clogs the sandpaper in no time.

Removing Silicone Sealant

Cleaning the vast amounts of mastic from the pans surface was a mission in its self. ~Remove silicone sealant before applying any resurfacing coatings, This is  due to mastic being non-porous and not a particularly good material to do anything with when resurfacing.

Carefully using a plastic blade remove sealant to make sure good adhesion.

Using a metallic knife or razor blade is not advised as this may create more damage.

Use silicone sealant remover on any small amount of mastic that is remaining, take care when applying silicone remover as some products react with plastic.

Removing Super Glue

Removing super glue is not an issue as it is paint-able and easily sanded, remove super glue during preparation for resurfacing.

Repairing Acrylic Plastic Shower Tray Cracking

The cracking around the outer edge, created by the base board becoming weak over time from a leak within the drain of the plumbing. ( Fixed and re-sealed during the restoration process).

Shower tray Resurfacing

The area is now prepped and the dodgy repair removed, the shower surface restoration process can now begin.

Drying of the base board underneath due to water damage and re-enforced with fiberglass,

Chase out the cracking to the shower tray with a small router.

Fill cavities and voids with good quality filler, smoothing of the area, making sure the surface profile matches the original correctly.

The shower tray resurfacing then took place. the coating was colour matched to make sure that it matched the original.

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