Polishing Worn and Stained Corian Surfaces

Corian worktop polishing

Corian becomes tired and worn over time from frequent daily use.

Worn areas of Corian can become rough, dull and tired creating a very shabby look to the kitchen which is easily stained. Worn surfaces trap bacteria even after sessions of disinfecting and become a haven for MSRA and bacteria.

Polishing the area back to original condition improves the sterility the kitchen area and ensures a guard against family mambers contracting illnesses through prepared foods.

The freshly polished area will also look much more pleasing and improve the overall appearance of the kitchen. Repairing burnt Corian countertop repair can saving money on a replacement.

  • Corian scratch damage is polished out with Tcut or similar products available at most super markets.
  • Corian hole repairs is filled with epoxy filler and painted to finish.
  • Cracks and dents can glued and stuck back together.

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