Burnt Worktop Repair

Earlier this week one of technicians made this finely detailed and completely unnoticeable burnt worktop repair, the melted area also got burnt by a hot frying pan. The customer was in a hurry one night after coming home from a long day at work and forgot to use a heat-resistant place mat on the surface before putting the pan down which left a rather nasty and obvious scar behind. Repair and Restore can make good any worktop repairs.

Burnt worktop repair in Croydoninvisible Burnt worktop repairs in Surrey and London

The kitchen had only recently been fitted by the customers landlord and the devastated customer, when she realized the amount of damage created by the hot frying pan. In a panic the customer called the kitchen fitting company and asked for advice on what to do next and asked if a burnt worktop repair could be made or whether they could give a quote to install a new worktop. The kitchen fitting company came out to check the damage and advised the client to contact us to make a burnt worktop repair. The cost of replacing the worktop would have been rather large because the worktop had a gas cooker hob installed. This would have required a certified gas installer to both disconnect and connect the appliance, dramatically increasing the price of the quote.

The damage to the worktop was rather easy for our tech, a member of our burnt worktop repair team cleared all the loose debris from the area and removed any parts weak or damaged parts of the kitchen surface, the exposed area was then sealed with a special liquid and filled, adding a base coat to the area and then finely detailed with the correct colours, overall it took roughly an hour to complete.

Overall the client was very happy with the finish of the worktop repair and was happy to exchange a small amount of money for the repair.

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