Bath repairs and restoration

Bath repairs carried out conveniently on site, hassle free and less labor intensive then a direct replacement.

Damaged PVC or Plastic acrylic, fiberglass,  tin or enamel, almost all instances of tub damage is repairable. Our team of highly trained technicians know exactly what to and can adjust the color of the coatings to make an exact color match of your bath making the repair unnoticeable.

You wont have to put your life on hold when we make a bath repair, as our technicians can have your bath repaired within hours of arriving at your address and you could be bathing in your newly repaired bath just a few hours after completing the bath repair.

Acrylic Plastic Baths

Plastic bath repairs mainly due to the great attributes plastic has.

Acrylic plastic baths commonly start life as 5 mm plastic sheets that are then heated and pressed to form to the desired shape and size, plastic makes a great insulator and keeps your bath warmer for longer. When choosing to buy a bath it is a good idea to consider the thickness of the plastic, acrylic baths are available in various thicknesses.

The thickness often varies throughout the structure, it is not uncommon for weaker areas form from poor production processing. The thickest surface repaired by restorer teams is 10 mm which is very uncommon, obviously repairs are more common with the thinner acrylic baths then the thicker sheet baths. Common problems with plastic baths surfaces can become scratched and worn in little time, but in most cases buffing and polishing the area back to a nice shine with proper polishes fixes the problem. Plastic baths stain easily, are not cleaner friendly and weaken over time.


Fiberglass bath repairs are relatively frequent, damaged fiberglass often appears catastrophic to the eye, majority of items repaired with relative ease. When using the correct tools and materials for the job.

A mold formed product constructed from a fibrous glass material held together with adhesive that ensures strength in its flexibility and light weight they are very popular in homes around the world. Due to the light weight it is easy to install and the relative cheapness and availability makes these popular with DIY enthusiasts. The most common Fiberglass repair engineers attend is staining damage to the acrylic painted surface, this layer is only very fine on majority of baths and is easily worn and discoloured. most commonly available in white they do not react well to strong household cleaners, bleach or abrasive materials, drain cleaners can melt the bath structure.

Steel Bath Tubs

Steel baths are the best choice of material in terms of durability, recently replacing the enamel cast iron baths of yesterday, coated in enamel or manufactured from stainless steel giving a very modern, bright finish to  the bathroom. Steel baths a relatively cheap and considered a bargain in my opinion, it is not uncommon for steel baths to carry up to a 30 year warranty. Although Steel baths are very tough and durable, but once damaged are usually irreparable or at least not worth repairing. Dents are near on impossible to pull out and filled. Tares or gouges out of the steel are best welded and resurfaced altogether optionally consider replacing entire bath.

Chip repairs to enamel coated baths are a frequent occurrence due the nature of the enamel it is inflexible.

Cast Iron Baths

Some-what of a pricey material to buy today they last the length of time, most likely the oldest bathroom items resurfaced and restored. Well known for the reliable survive that these baths can offer they have survived through the ages due to the thick construction of the structure. Common flaws cast iron baths have is that they are extremely heavy and awkward to negotiate without an army of hands to maneuver into place. The iron surface maintained and protected from water and the atmosphere to make sure the iron does not corrode. Common repairs on cast iron baths include broken and cracked legs or feet, cast iron is a brittle when struck by a dull blow, make sure when handling or moving the item to take care.

Stone Baths

Stone baths often appear large sometimes protruding from the floor, giving seamlessly natural and smooth design, these are great for simple designed bathrooms and can make grand center piece. Stone baths can become susceptible to staining and discoloring from cleaning products, they also chip relatively easily of sharp edges. we have witnessed older varieties of stone suffer from heat shock when cold and filled with boiling water, this results in the bath shattering or splitting in half making a bath tub repair impossible.


These can need a lot of maintenance to keep the beautiful golden red coloring that copper is famously known for, they tarnish over time. Copper baths need protecting to avoid tarnishing and make sure the colour remains vibrant. Polished copper baths are not ideal to repair and only a minimal amount of work done without the repair becoming noticeable.


Each type of bath has its own weaknesses and strengths, at Repair and Restore we can repair all types of baths and damages no matter what make, design, finish, or color, using our methods, materials and coatings and perfected over the years to make sure that a Bath Repair we make can withstand everyday use and your once damaged bath will have plenty of years of use left in it.

Repair and Restore makes for a hassle free option because we can work around your schedule as our technicians are available 24 hours of the day 7 days a week, we create very little mess (if any at all), our works are noise free and with our repairs you will not have to go through the hassle and cost of redecorating your bathroom and ordering a new bath making our bath repair service cheap compared to the alternative.

Often changing a bath is not a practical option because the rest of the bathroom suite, that is the toilet, shower and hand basin, all these other items have often all been purchased at the same time and are the same brand, colour and style. It can often be very costly and time-consuming, when finding a bath to match the rest of a bathroom suite and there is every chance you will not find an item to match the rest of the bathroom, this makes a Repair and Restore bath repair a good alternative to have.