Why Choose Repair and Restore.

Repair and Restore are damage surface repair specialists offering services to UK homes or building sites, known to give unmatched repair services throughout the industry. Providing tradesmen, home builders or the public a mobile service that is an easier, cost-effective option when compared to replacements. We are a small family run business that offer services for large scaled, long-term projects as well as small individual repairs. Remaining as a small company and limiting our area ensures that the service provided is high quality, reliable. Maintaining a detailed finish that remains through-out all projects undertaken.

Repair and Restore Known for:

  • Professional clean and tidy service.
  • Friendly, courteous engineers and members of staff.
  • Attention to detail and diligence.
  • Positive 'CAN DO' attitude.
  • Good communications.
  • Flexible work pattern.
  • Reliability.


Popular repairable surfaces include:

  • Kitchen repairs.
  • Bathroom repairs.
  • Tile & Flooring.
  • Caravan & Mobile home repairs.
  • Furniture repairs.
  • All plastics and u PVC.
  • Metals.
  • Ceramics and Enamels.
  • Natural and Composite Stones.
  • Masonry and house brick.
  • Laminates and Veneers.
  • Man made timbers and wood.
  • Natural timbers and wood.
  • All Stones, Granite, Marble, Quartz.


 The History

The Repair and Restore team have over 25 years experience in the repair industry, originally the founders started out as a recognized master crafts masonry and stone repair company. A newly formed idea in the shape of artistry when a family member experimenting with painting techniques commonly used on canvas used them to repair damaged areas in coffee table. Applying art techniques into the construction industry to delicately paint grain detail on to damaged doors. The company decided to take a turn and expand on the idea that any damage could be repaired, over the years the founders experimented with multiple techniques and materials to make a reliable and unrivaled repair service. We still continue our research today and will continue with it into the future to find products and techniques that ensures our service is the unrivaled.

Why choose to repair items when I can replace?

  • Eco friendly repairs when compared to replacing items.
  • Saves money on expensive replacement items.
  • Saves money on the cost of labour during install.
  • Creates less mess then replacements.
  • Takes less time then replacements.
  • Less inconvenience then a replacement (flexible working pattern).
  • Sentimental value, some items can't be replaced.


We serve the UK with our services and are available throughout the South, South

East, South West and the Midlands.